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What Is The Real About Coconut Water In Pregnancy?

Posted by Timmi Store on

You may have seen coconut water touted for pregnancy-related benefits like speeding up labor and taking the edge off morning sickness — but are these claims for real? Here’s what you need to know about coconut water and pregnancy.

What Is The Real About Coconut Water In Pregnancy? - Timmi Store

    Nutritional value for one cup of coconut water:
     - Calories – 46
     - Sugars – 6.26 grams
     - Calcium – 6%
     - Dietary fiber – 2.6 grams
     - Sodium – 252 micrograms
     - Carbohydrates – 8.9 grams
     - Potassium – 600 micrograms

It is a rich natural drink that has many vital nutrients that our body needs. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, and magnesium. Its natural sweetness gives no scope for unnatural additives to mingle with it.

When you are in pregnancy, you may get exhausted and dehydrated easily due to physical and psychological changes. So, for preventing dehydration, vomiting, constipation, and infections coconut water is the best choice to opt for.

There are facts you need to know more about coconut water in pregnancy:

Coconut water makes the baby’s skin fairer and makes the baby look beautiful?
Fact: It is good to hear, but it remains just a wish. Exaggerating the benefits does not make them come true. Your baby’s health and skin color would depend purely on the genetic factor and cannot be altered just by drinking coconut water.

🥥 Drinking coconut water makes the baby’s hair grow thicker and stronger?
Fact: Your baby’s hair strength and texture purely depend on the genetic factors. Drinking coconut water does not show any impact on the hair growth of your baby. It’s just hearsay that was passed from generations.

🥥 A pregnant woman can get all the required nutrients by drinking coconut water?
Fact: On earth, there is no single food that contains all the pack set of nutrients. Although coconut water does have essential nutrients, it alone does not provide all the nutrients required when you are pregnant.

🥥 Coconut water causes acidity if consumed during pregnancy?
Fact: No, it’s absolutely a myth. Coconut water does not cause acidity during pregnancy, and acidity that you may experience is due to the expansion of the belly that interferes with the digestion process.

🥥 Drinking coconut water during pregnancy is really very advantageous, but you must also have an idea on how to drink it, so, here are few useful tips
- Remember to choose a clean place to buy
- Drink the coconut water as soon as it is opened
- Discuss to your doctor before including coconut water as a regular part of your diet.

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